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Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion

Nonmotion to motion takes effort.  But once a body begins to move and the energy gained from the additive effects of your moving body takes hold, your body will want to keep being well.  
Be generous and answer the call to move with wellness!

Pro-Motion: List

What is Fitness?

Recent recommendations for daily activity suggest 10,000 steps a day.  Is this a good recommendation given people have variable fitness demands?  If someone is training for a marathon is their fitness requirement different than someone who just had a heart attack?   Lifestyle Medicine recommendations are more person specific and take into consideration one's baseline fitness level.  Moderate exercise is defined as whatever causes you to exert enough energy to make it difficult to sing, but still talk...150 minutes a week.  If you can't sing or talk, then you are engaging in vigorous exercise and you can gain benefits with 75 minutes per week.  If you have a certain goal in mind, perhaps your first 5k, then your fitness goal would require you do whatever it takes to get up to 3.1 miles without stopping. Regardless of where you are at, begin today...begin to move toward YOUR best fitness!

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