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Elisa Foster, DO
Wellness Restoration Guide

Wife, Mom, Grandmom
Physician, Soap Maker
Burnout Survivor, Everyday Warrior
Consummate Learner

Welcome!  Glad you are here! 


You have not arrived here by accident.

This is a place designed to help you maintain good health, take back poor health and give yourself and others the best of you by introducing you to the principles of Lifestyle Medicine. 


Lifestyle medicine is a model of healthcare designed to help you implement evidence based nutrition, sleep, fitness, community relations, stress relief and chemical in-dependence principles to maintain and regain true health. Current medical practice is designed to manage "sick" care and it is failing to resolve the epidemic of chronic diseases that plague our modern day communities.


Lifestyle medicine is proving to be the "North Star"

of true transformative and lifelong "health" care.


It is my hope that you will find the resources provided here helpful on your journey through these lifestyle medicine CORNERSTONES on your way to your best you! 


In Whole Health,

Elisa Foster, D.O. 


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